CAMP Lifestyle Academy

Join Dr. Terry Harmon's life-changing community for world-class education and mentorship in optimal health and longevity.

Whether you, a family member, or a friend goes through a chronic or life-threatening condition, like cancer, or a significant health incident, like a stroke, heart attack, or paralyzing injury, a serious health issue can have a negative and overwhelming impact on every aspect of your life and you can have waves of challenging emotions that feel overwhelming.

We want to help you reduce overwhelm, anxiety, and confusion about true health so you can live your best life!

Discover expert guidance, resources, and strategies to help you and your family to structure and systematize your health game plan that leads to a healthier lifestyle.


CAMP Lifestyle Academy

  • A collection of recorded educational content that goes through the CAMP system (Courage, Autonomic Nervous System, Mitochondria, and Purposes), empowering you on your personal journey to better health and well-being.

  • This program will teach you how to integrate the four-legged stool approach.

  • Create an advanced understanding of nutrition, exercise recommendations, detox strategies, vision/goals strategies, supplement certainty, and functional medicine testing clarity.

If you're done with medical systems that perpetuate the sick cycle and want real healing, this is the place to be.

If you're ready to make lasting changes that improve your life, energy, and longevity, this is your moment.

You're worth it!


Here's what you will get inside the academy.

Training Library

Get full access to exclusive trainings and courses from Dr. Terry here.

Exclusive Discounts

Get exclusive discounts on supplements and platinum consulting programs.

Premium Resources

Access all of our premium eGuides that have already helped thousands of patients.

Healing Tools Call

Access to the visionary Healing Tools call and archives of past gatherings.

Exclusive Interviews

Get access to exclusive interviews with other leading health and life success experts.

Meeting Room

Live members-only live-streamed video access with trainings, interviews, and Q&A.


My name is Dr. Terry Harmon B.S., D.C, and I am a 1997 graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, IA. A huge force behind my desire to help people truly experience health and healing has been the sicknesses that I’ve seen so many of my loved ones suffer with. These tragedies to this day have impacted me and the ChiRho Chiropractic mission to deliver the most up-to-date scientific care to facilitate peak performance and healing.

The reason we created this program was first and foremost a calling from the Lord, but we saw a real need for a holistic healthcare solution that was not currently available to our chiropractic patients. We started out as a “regular” chiropractic office, but through pain and trial wanted to better serve our clients. This has led us to our current system that combines chiropractic with lifestyle, ongoing learning, and vitalistic functional medicine testing.


Empowering patients to achieve optimal well-being


When does this program start and finish?

You get ongoing virtual access as long as you're a member. It is intended to be a lifetime approach to building and maintaining health!

How will I know if this program works for me?

You'll begin seeing amazing changes in your health. Simply put, the CAMP System is tried and proven!

How long will it take to complete the program successfully?

Amazing changes can be seen within the first 90 days, but we see the most-radical transformations in participants who commit to a long-term "slow-and-steady" lifestyle approach.

How is this different from other programs in your niche?

Most programs “like ours” offer one slice of the pie, but leave out critical info on other aspects of health. Our program is for those desiring whole-person health, from gut to brain to the nervous system and beyond!



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